Share and Get Wing

RF Lebay 2 - is back, let's the fight begin!
Fresh server with new system we ever made before.
Free to play, friendly server, Semi-PVP genre, Singapore based server, fast rate with easy gameplay for all

Be Lebay 2 influencer event!

Share and invite people to join RF Lebay 2 Community through your Social Networking Service.
Copy This link to share :

1 piece of Lebay Cloak per share
Collect 20 pieces of Lebay Cloak and combine it for 1 Box of Wing

You can only get 10 pieces of Lebay Cloaks per week.
You can only share to the same circle/group/individual once per week.

How to claim the prize,
Copy and paste this format below:

Game ID: (Your game ID)
Your Social Network Account: (put your social media account here)
Share Link: (Link of your post, don't forget to make it as a public post)
Screenshot: (Your post screenshot)

Fill those and post it on #????share-event

Please be advise that #????share-event is only be used as a platform to claim your prize.
Every message that not related to it's function will be count as a spam message.
You will get a warn for the first spam message.
Next you will get blocked from the channel for 7 days.